Welcome Traveller

I’m glad to see you here. This is a blog about adventure, remote tribes, cultures and traditions, great local food, and people. When I travel I like to “go local”: learn, taste and understand the life that is so different from ours. You would be surprised how many people still believe in shamanism, spirits, protective amulets, and charms (I know, I was). The further you go from our modern civilization, the more fascinating stories you will hear. I am sharing those stories here, along with some practical views on traveling and places to visit.

When I was a kid I went to a vernissage about the art in Indonesia. They told us then that this country has so many islands that if you would like to spend one day on each of them, it would take over 40 years of your life. Today I know that it’s 48 years (Indonesia has 17508 islands in total). I realized then that it is impossible to visit every place in the world and I decided never to visit the same place twice. Despite the promise I made to myself years ago, there are some absolutely incredible places in the world that I will most definitely return to.

In addition, wherever I travel, I like to read a book about the country, it’s history or traditions. Here are my favorite books: