Best places for Brunch in Barcelona

best brunch in barcelona

Barcelona is full of beautiful restaurants, terraces, concept stores, and rooftops. It also has an amazing offer for Brunch Lovers! Eggs Benedict on a waffle with crispy chicken? An Acai bowl? Salmon salad with a zataar and yogurt sauce? Yes, please! Here is my selection of the best brunch places in Barcelona.

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Where to have the best tapas in Barcelona

tapas barcelona

When I hear “Spain,” I think “Tapas” and “Cava” and “Vermut” 😉 Barcelona is a pretty touristy city, that’s why it’s always nice to have a few local addresses, to taste the authentic, Catalan cuisine. It’s fatty, oily, fried and delicious. Here are some great spots to have Tapas in Barcelona.

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The best Rooftops in Barcelona

barcelona rooftop

Barcelona is the ultimate summer destination. It’s beautiful, it’s warm, and the party scene is great! When you visit Barcelona, you probably want to spend some time on the beach, visit one or two of Gaudies’ houses and go drinking. There is definitely more to Barcelona than that, but let’s start with the booze.

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