The beaches of Puerto Escondido

puerto escondido

Puerto Escondido is a seaside city in the state of Oaxaca. It’s absolutely beautiful, full of amazing beaches, great food and parties. It’s mostly known for it’s Playa Zicatela where the waves are so big and strong that surfers from all over the world come to try their strengths.

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Day of the dead in Mexico

dia de muertos, Oaxaca

Day of the dead is a very special holiday in Mexico. Mexicans strongly believe that their deceased family comes back to them on that day. That’s why there is so much celebration around the country. It is a happy holiday when families get together to eat, drink, play music, and celebrate the life of their ancestors. It’s truly beautiful and here is what they do.

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Mexico City – 5 reasons to visit

Mexico City

Due to its size, the Mexican Mafia popping in the news, and series, the city has quite a reputation. Before visiting I thought that it is loud, dangerous, dirty, and crowded. I bet that a lot of people have this image in their heads when they think of Mexico City. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! It was love at first sight, and here is why.

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Yucatan off the beaten track – 6 places you must visit

Mexico Rio Lagartos Yucatan

While a lot of people begin their journey through Mexico from Yucatan, most of them stop on the Caribbean coast. It is beautiful, sure, but too full of tourists if you ask me. Everyone speaks English and when you enter a store or a restaurant saying “Hola!” you will hear “Hello, how are you today?” in return. It’s a wonderful place for a stress-free holiday, diving with green turtles and trying some amazing Mexican food. And if in addition you would like to venture yourself to the heart of Yukatan and meet the real Mexicans, follow me.

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