Christmas traditions in Poland

Every country and every family have their own traditions. Poland is known for its 12 dishes consumed on Christmas Eve. As opposed to many other countries, the 24th of December is THE Christmas day when the main celebration takes place. There are so many other things that the Polish do on that day. Let me tell you about a few of them.

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One day in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – the oldest city in the world


Why so interesting? First of all, it might be the oldest city still inhabited in the world! The Bulgarians say that it has been inhabited non-stop for the last 6000 years! Well that’s impressive! It was called Philippopolis, the city of Phillip. The city was originally a Thracian settlement and subsequently was invaded by Persians, Greeks, Celts, Romans, Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Slavs, Russians, Crusaders, and Turks. Woah! That’s quite something! And the remains of those times are still present in the city.

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Tana Toraja – where death is not the end


Tana Toraja means “The Land of Toraja People”. It’s a region in the highlands of Sulawesi, one of Indonesia’s 17 000 islands. Why are the Toraja interesting? They have very elaborate burial rites. It’s a very remote place, therefore not many tourists come here. But if you take the time and struggle to visit, you will not regret it. I know, I don’t.

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