Christmas traditions in Poland

Every country and every family have their own traditions. Poland is known for its 12 dishes consumed on Christmas Eve. As opposed to many other countries, the 24th of December is THE Christmas day when the main celebration takes place. There are so many other things that the Polish do on that day. Let me tell you about a few of them.

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The beaches of Puerto Escondido

puerto escondido

Puerto Escondido is a seaside city in the state of Oaxaca. It’s absolutely beautiful, full of amazing beaches, great food and parties. It’s mostly known for it’s Playa Zicatela where the waves are so big and strong that surfers from all over the world come to try their strengths.

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Cacao Ceremony in San Marcos la Laguna

guatemala cacao ceremony

Cacao comes from North America. It was first used as money, being exchanged for goods hundreds of years ago. It also had a very special place in all the Mayan traditions and ceremonies.Nowadays those rituals are being performed by the Maya deep in the Guatemalan jungle, but also by certain communities more accessible for tourists.

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Roasting Marshmallows on an active volcano


Guatemala has 37 volcanos. Four of them are active and regularly erupting. But let’s not forget, that we are in Guatemala and it doesn’t mean that we can’t climb them. The most popular trek from Antigua is Volcan de Fuego. Actually, you will be climbing the volcano right next to it, Acatenango. The trip takes two days. You spend the night on the top of Acatenango, if you are lucky, you can watch Volcan de Fuego crashing lava during the night. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

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Traveling in times of Covid-19


2020 served us a very unpleasant surprise. Almost the globe was paralysed by a virus, we were all locked down in our homes, some got stranded abroad. Even though the Covid-19 is still very real, some of us already started traveling again. What to expect, how to prepare for this, unusual travel, and is it safe? Here is how to tackle traveling during the Pandemic.

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Istanbul – where to go shopping


Istanbul is a beautiful and diverse city. Everyone will find something for their taste here. From big fashion streets to small local stores (guess what I preferred 😉 ) if you go shopping in Istanbul, it’s easy to get lost! So, where to go Shopping in Istanbul? What to expect, where to go, what are […]

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