Sayulita – is it the ultimate paradise destination?


I read a lot about Sayulita, the beautiful fisherman village on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It’s supposed to be a great surfing spot, with different kinds of waves, a peaceful, blissful vibe, and colorful streets.

While the village is indeed very colorful and full of nice restaurants and bars, it’s definitely not peaceful. It’s full of tourists to the point where you are almost stuck in traffic when you walk around. The main beach is crazy with people, music, drinking. It’s all fun, but so hectic, that it’s impossible to relax.


Playa de Muertos

I decided to check out the other popular beach in the area – Playa de Muertos. Why is it called like that? Well, you need to cross a graveyard to get there. It’s a beautiful one, with lots of colorful graves. It was a nice, short walk from the town. Here, the situation is very similar – lots of people and even more pareo vendors than on the main beach. I lied down and couldn’t even read my book, because somebody wanted to sell me something every three minutes.

So no, Sayulita is not the perfect, paradice beach destination. Definitely not. But it is a lot of fun! It’s really small, so you cross paths with everyone. It’s easy to become friends with people, everyone is smiling and welcoming. Even though this place was not what I expected, I ended up loving my stay here and I would go back in a hearbeat.

Hope for paradise

But, let’s not despair. I made it my mission to find a little piece of paradise in this touristy place. Just a few meters from the main beach (to the right) you can find yourself alone on a golden sand beach. Why nobody goes there? Beats me. But after you cross the Sayulita river, paradise unveils before you. The waves are big and beautiful, the sound of the ocean can swing you to sleep in you feel like napping and nobody will disturb your reading. It’s amazing!

Where to eat

There are a few great places to eat as well. Besides all the touristy places, that are, no doubt, very tasty, I wanted to look for the Mexican experience and real Mexican food. Because, let’s be honest, Burritos and Nachos are more American. So here is what I found:

El Jacal

It’s a small, family-run restaurant with delicious fresh fish and seafood. It’s really tasty, and the service is great. I recommend the fish filet in coconut crumbs, it was delicious!

Address: Av. del Palmar, Norte, Sayulita, Nay. Map


I met some awesome people in my hostel and they took me to Mary’s. It’s a small restaurant on the main street serving amazing fish and shrimp tacos. Try Mary’s tacos! They are amazing.

Address: Av Revolución 36, Sayulita, Nay. Map

Going out

In the end, I met a lot of great people in Sayulita and I learned to love that place. Here are some places to have great cocktails.


Cava has awesome Mezcal drinks, a cozy, rustic decor, and (surprisingly) it’s not always full of people.

Address: Ave Revolution 54, 63734 Sayulita, Nay. Map


Loud Music, lots of people, a mix of street party and a bar. It’s definitely the center of Sayulita nightlife.

Address: Calle Marlín 29, Centro, 63734 Sayulita, Nay. Map

Bar Don Pato

Feel like dancing? Head to Don Pato! Salsa plays call night long. At some point at night, everyone is going to end up here.

Address: primer piso, Calle Marlín 12, 63734 Sayulita, Nay. Map

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