San Miguel de Allende – 5 reasons to love it

san miguel de allende

San Miguel de Allende has a lot of vibe around it. People either love it or hate it. It’s filled with tourists, it’s not Mexican in a traditional kind of way. So what is there to love? A lot, actually. Here’s my list:

The art

San Miguel de Allende is essentially an art-filled town. You will find art galleries at every step, every street, every corner. They are gorgeous, chic, and yes, Mexican. Even though the vibe is not “old Mexico, Aztec history and traditional crafts” the new, beautiful Mexican art is definitely worth a while. The galleries have nothing to envy those in Rome or Paris. They are simply splendid. Do not miss Fabrica la Aurora, the old factory now turned into a huge creative space filled with art galleries with modern furniture, paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. And if you are looking for a more local vibe, head for the Mercado de Artesanias. It stretches for four blocks and I am sure everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

Fabrica La Aurora

The food

The food scene in San Miguel is simply amazing! It doesn’t stand far from la Condesa in Mexico City and if you ask me, it’s even better. More cosmopolitan, more chic. Packed in a small town you have hundreds of boutique Hotels with rooftops, old cantinas, street food stalls, offering the best quality of food possible. You can spend a few days in San Miguel just eating and drinking (yes, they also have Mezcalerias, Wine tastings, and beer bars). That sounds like a lot of fun if you ask me!

Chile en Nogada

The wine

San Miguel de Allende is surrounded by vineyards. Just choose one, arrange a tasting and go! Here are the best vineyards located just outside of San Miguel de Allende. They are easily accessible by UBER or a car if you have a driver 😉 You can contact all of them directly to make sure that they are open on that day and will wait for you.

Street art in San Miguel de Allende

The cantinas

You must love the cantinas. Hidden behind the revolving, wild west-style doors, little holes in the walls where locals come to have a shot of Tequila (or seven). In San Miguel, they have been turned into nicely decorated cocktail bars, cigar caves, and restaurants. You can spend days exploring those. I, personally, fell in love.

Hot springs

Located around 15km from the city are two hot spring SPAs. Escondido Place and La Gruta. Escondido place has 7 different pools with different water temperatures. It is located in a nicely arranged park, so people can come and have a picnic around the water. It’s very relaxing. especially that now, during the pandemic, the place is almost empty. Definitely recommend for a chill day.

How to get there: There is bus number 7 leaving every hour at 15 past from here. The ticket is 10 pesos. Just ask to be dropped off at Escondido Place or La Gruta. The way back is the same, the bus will stop on the side of the street.

Escondido Place

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