Traveling in times of Covid-19


2020 served us a very unpleasant surprise. A virus paralyzed almost the entire globe, we were all locked down in our homes, some got stranded abroad. Even though the Covid-19 is still very real, some of us already started traveling again. What to expect, how to prepare for this, unusual travel, and is it safe? Here is how to tackle traveling during the Pandemic.


First of all, the most important is to choose a country where you can actually travel. Many countries banned travel, or accept only people with certain passports. In order to see where you can go freely, where you need to provide a PCR test and which destinations are definitely closed for you, check out this link (thanks Will). The website is regularly updated.


Once you know where you want to go, some research about the situation in the country is necessary. Subscribe to the governments alerts for that particular country, look for bloggers that are actually traveling through that country and check local regulations. For example, at the time of writing of this post you can travel to Egipt, but only to the beach resorts, travel around the country is prohibited. You can travel to Kenya, but only with a valid PCR test, etc. Make sure, that the country of your choice allows you to spend holidays like you want it.

Buy tickets last minute

It’s best not to buy tickets with too much precipitation. Last-minute flight deals are your best friend right now, as everything might change from one day to another. If you are buying long-distance tickets of advance, make sure that your ticket is flexible and that you can cancel your hotel last minute.

Work insurance

Even though there is always a way to get home, make sure that you can work from your holiday destination for at least a few days. You might now have to, but it’s better to have a few spare days in the pocket if anything happens with your original flight. So yes, take your computer with you.

Health insurance

Make sure that in case of emergency, your insurance will cover the hospital and transportation cost. This is something that you need every time that you go to another country, and even more, in times of the pandemic.


Once you have all this sorted out, you are good to go! I know, that it sounds like a lot, but it’s really doable. Once you arrived at your destination, everything is quite normal (new normal, of course) and you can enjoy your time off without any problems! You can still enjoy traveling during the Pandemic.

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