The best Rooftops in Barcelona

barcelona rooftop

Barcelona is the ultimate summer destination. It’s beautiful, it’s warm, and the party scene is great! There are many rooftops in Barcelona and they are all awesome! Here are some of my favourites.

When you visit Barcelona, you probably want to spend some time on the beach, visit one or two of Gaudies’ houses and go drinking. There is definitely more to Barcelona than that, but let’s start with the booze.


The rooftop of the Catalan Museum. You actually need to get into the museum in order to access the rooftop. It has an amazing view over the port, great cocktails, and a resident DJ that will play some amazing electro beats to make you move. Loved it!

rooftop in Barcelona
Photo : The Rooftop Guide


I know, it’s weird that they all have numbers for names 😉 This one is located on the roof of the 1898 hotel on La Rambla. It’s more peaceful than the previous one, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Big daybeds with cozy pillows are very inviting and super comfortable of you want to have a glass of wine and read a book. It’s also awesome for a chilled afternoon with friends. They have a beautiful view of the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Photo: Uniqhotels

el 54

This tiny rooftop is located in Barceloneta, on the roof of the 54 Hotel. Even though there is not much atmosphere, the view over the whole of Barcelona is amazing! Great for an afternoon coffee or a glass of cava.

Photo: Holaplace


Beautiful, comfortable, and a great view! It gets really, really hot during the day though, so be careful.

Photo: Timeout

Yurbban Trafalgar

Beautiful view, small swimming pool and great Aperol Spritz!

Photo: Yurbban Trafalgar

Terraza Pulitzer

It’s for live music and after work that people come here. Very nice vibe, nice people and good music!

rooftop barcelona
Photo: Grastronosfera

Every year you can enjoy a selection of Rooftops in Barcelona with live music, activities like yoga, pottery classes, cocktail making classes, parties, and DJs. Check out the blog to get more details about the upcoming events.

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