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Fethiye is a popular coastal destination in Turkey. The old town has a lot of small passages, shaded cafes, shops. It’s around the city that it is happening! and here is what to do in Fethiye.


Apparently the most beautiful beach in the whole of Turkey. And precisely for that, it is filled with people! People are everywhere, kids are playing in the water, screaming. It’s a nightmare (at least for me). So while the surroundings are beautiful and it’s definitely worth coming for a walk in the morning, if you are looking to relax, a bit further from the Blue Lagoon, you will find a few umbrellas and daybeds to lie on. But really, what people come here to do, is Paragliding. There were always at least 15 paragliders above my head.

12 islands

12 islands cruise

The twelve islands cruise will take you for a tour around the coast and will stop at a few beautiful, empty beaches for a swim. Do not buy the tour online, down in the port it costs 10 euros for a whole day tour with lunch. It’s relaxed, the boat has a big sundeck and the surroundings are absolutely beautiful.

fethyie 12 islands


This is the paragliders’ paradise. Oludeniz and the butterfly valley offer splendid views and the winds here are strong. It’s a great place to try it for the first time and for the professionals to enjoy the views.

The Lycian tombs

On the side of the mountains surrounding Fethiye we can find the Lycian tombs. They remind us of the Lycian civilization who lived here thousands of years ago. Those in Fethiye were carved around 350 BC, but this is only a small part of what we can encounter on that coast of Turkey. From Fethiye to Antalya there is a famous hike called the Lycian way. It runs through ancient cities, fortresses and tombs of the Lycians. What were they known for? The Lycians had a fierce desire for freedom and independence and this found its expression in their sense of unity and federation.  The institutions of the democratic Lycian Federation (the first democratic union known) are mentioned by classical writers. If you would like to read more about the Lycians, lycianturkey.com shares a lot of information.

lycian tombs what to do in fethiye
Lycian Tombs in Fethiye

Check out the local market

As Fethiye is not as touristy is Oludeniz, it is fairly easy to venture outside of the city center and meet the locals. Sali Pazari is the perfect place to do that. Come in the morning to get the freshest vegetables and fruits! You can also have some cay and Turkish pancakes for breakfast. All for a local price. I paid 0,50 cents for all my vegetables and half a kilo of cherries.

fethiye market

The ghost city

Kayakoy is a ghost city. Nobody lives there since the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in the 1920s. It used to be inhabited by Greeks. The houses are slowly diappearing into the nature, the roofs are falling. It became a tourist attraction only recently. It could be a stop on your way from Fethyie to Oludeniz. There are regular dolmuses (minibuses) running between Fethyie, Kayakoy and Oludeniz.

Go shopping

Fethiye is a great place to buy some clothes and souvenirs at a very reasonable price. I bought a new dress, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt of a very good quality for only 22 euros. It’s a shoppers paradise!

shopping what to do in fethiye

Try the hammam

If you are here during the summer months, like me, you will probably have enough of the heat to go to the hammam and sweat some more. Although for 125 TL the offer in the town is one of the cheapest I found so far.

Go to the beach!

You will find a range of small and bigger, commercial beaches around the town. Pick one, grab a bike, and have fun!

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