Visit Pamukkale – everything you need to know


Pamukkale site is located near the Denizli city in Turkey. The “village” called Pamukkale is actually constituted of hotels and restaurants catering primatly to tourists visiting the travestines. Here’s all you need to know for a successful visit to Pamukkale.

The arrival

The bus will most likely leave you at the bus station in Denizli. Some of the companies offer a free shuttle to Pamukkale, you should always ask about it. They won’t tell you upfront 😉 If they don’t just ask at the station where you can find a dolmus (minibus) to Pamukkale. Someone will direct you to the right gate. Minibusses leave from the lower level so you will need to take the stairs. The minibus costs 5 TL and takes around 40 minutes.

Where to stay

Once you arrived, you will need to check into your hotel I recommend Anatolia Hotel. It is simple, but very clean, with strong wi-fi and they have a pool. It’s perfect for one night and the price was 12 euros per night when I stayed there.

You can of course make it in a day trip, but since the is quite remote. Depending on where you are coming from, you will need to drive 3-4 hours each way.

How much time to spend in Pamukkale

It’s a matter of a few hours. The Travertines are the only thing to do around there, so it doesn’t take so long. Up, on the hill, there is also an Antique Pool that was apparently built for Cleopatra. You can swim in it! And the ancient city of Hierapolis, that was once the health and beauty center for Romans, due to the mineral waters, is located just behind the white water pools.


There are three entrances to the site. If you have a car, you can enter from the top. You can also access the site via the town entrance. It’s literally in the center of the Pamukkale “village”. You will need to take off your shoes and climb up the mountain. It’s a nice stroll, along the water pools filled with water. Take some water when you visit Pamukkale, the sun is ruthless here.

Openning Hours

The site is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. The entrance fee is 100 TL.

That’s it. So easy. Enjoy this amazing and unique place!

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