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split old town

Split has a very beautiful old town. In the summer it is flooded with tourists in their yachts, having fun on la Riva. It is a lot of fun! And if you walk a bit outside, you can spot some local experiences as well. Here is a list of things to do in Split.

Visit the old town

Most of the old town is located inside the Diocletian’s Palace. The Palace was built in the IV century! Most parts are of course new, but there are still old Corinthian columns and Sphinks statues that Diokles brought from Egipt. Also, when you enter the Palace through the Iron gate, look to the left – that’s the dungeon where Deneris kept her dragons on the Game of Thrones series.

Split, old town
Split, Old Town

Go to the Market

If you are reading this blog, then you must know by now that I love the local markets. It’s the perfect place to observe a real, local life, sample some very local and fresh products, and buy some great souvenirs! (I usually bring back spices that I can use at home. It reminds me of my travels constantly, because I love to cook.)

This market is awesome, you will find only local products. You can buy fresh figs, Croatian Prosciutto, white cheese that Croatians put of everything, as well as local olive oil (delicious!) and honey.

There is a bakery on the corner closest to the Port. This is the place to get fresh bread and the famous Croatian sweet: fritule. It’s basically small fried doughnuts and it’s delicious. You can’t miss that place, there is always a line in front full of Croatians waiting to buy their breakfast.


Also, if you find somebody selling Soparnik, try it! It’s the local specialty. They call it the Croatian Pizza. It doesn’t have much to do with a pizza but it is very tasty. You can also ask around for some homemade Rakija – they don’t have it on display but it’s possible to buy it.

Cruise the islands

There you have a few options. Either you travel with friends, in which case renting a boat would be a great idea. Or you don’t want to bother and you can buy a day island-hopping trip. Or, do it like the locals do – hop on a ferry and explore the islands on a bike or rental car. The choice is yours!

Go to Bol

There is one ferry that goes to Bol per day. It’s located on the island of Brac, so very close to Split. It was recommended to me by a local friend, as it is the closes Port to the most beautiful beach in Croatia! Zlatni Rat is a beautiful white sand beach. If you are looking to relax for a few days, this is the place.

Photo from : dreamstime

Hit the beaches

There are a few beaches around Split and they are all very popular with locals. First of all the Bacvice beach – located right in the center of Split. Try playing Picigin with some locals. It’s a ball game that you play standing in the water. The goal is not to let the ball fall. Thanks to very shallow waters on this beach, this is the only place in Croatia where people play it!

Kasuni beach – recommended by a local, very nice, very rocky. Preferably reachable by bike.

Jezinac Beach – only 15 min walk fro the city center. There is some shade, the water is clean. Ideal for a quick swim in the afternoon.

Marina Lav – Gooshter Beach Club – Le Meridien Hotel opened a beautiful Beach Club. Super comfortable, good music, nice cocktails, and wine. Perfect.

Gooshter Beach Club

Visit Trogir

This very old town is filled with beautiful, narrow, cobble stone streets, nice cafes and restaurants. Town’s history starts with a Greek settlement in the 3rd century BC! It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997 and is home to a number of fascinating historic sights, the best of which is the Cathedral of St Lawrence.

trogir old town
Trogir, Old Town

Go out!

There are many many bars and restaurants on La Riva. This street has a very Cote d’Azur feel to it. Just pick one with the music that you prefer. To me, Olive Tree was particularly appealing in the evenings.

Where to eat

Kanoba Fratelli – has amazing Pasta, and as a Pasta Lover, I know what I’m saying. Try pasta with truffles, prosciutto and burrata.

Kantun Paulina – for a quick and local bite head to Kantun Paulina. There is always a line. They hare selling delicious and fresh Cevapi for 24 kuna.

spaghetti split
Pasta with truffles, pancetta and burrata

Where to stay

To me, there is only one answer: Villa Capo! They surprised me with their beautiful, clean, hotel-like rooms. The pictures I saw online were good, but very simple. The opposite was the truth. The rooms have air-conditioning, a fridge and a kettle. They also leave you some cutlery in case you wanted to eat in your room. Everything is very tidy and comfortable. There is a bunch of local recommendations waiting for you on the table in the room. I loved it. I definitely recommend staying there!

How to get around

Once you save those two links, you should have no problem getting around the city and to the nearby beaches and villages:

Information on airport transfers, ferries, buses – putovnica.net
Local bus timetable – promet-split.hr

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