5 unusual things to do in Mexico City

Mexico City

Besides the usual tourist track, try out some of those. Mexico City has so many things to offer. Read my previous post about it. Old, traditional rituals, witchcraft markets, free wrestling shows, and Mezcal! I can’t wait to go back and see even more of it! 5 unusual things to do in Mexico City.

Plaza Garibaldi

During the day this plaza is nothing special, just a spacious area with some cactus decoration. But at night… everything changes! The Mariachi bands come to play, people sit in many, many bars surrounding the plaza called las Pulquerias serving the local beverage called Pulque (an alcoholic drink made from fermented maguey – agave). This is a perfect place for people watching and a fun night out! Grab some friends, enjoy the local Mezcal, and listen to the typical Mexican music. It’s so much fun!

Mezcal in Plaza Garibaldi,
Mezcal in Plaza Garibaldi

Visit the Island of the Dolls in Xoximilco

If you are planning a trip to Xoximilco to ride the canals, don’t forget to pass by the doll island. The legend says that a young woman once drowned here. The owner of the island started to get haunted by her spirit, so he hung old dolls on the trees next to the canal to scare the spirit away. It’s a very creepy place. You can read more about it here.

Island of the dolls, Xoximilco, 5 unusual things to do in Mexico City
Island of the dolls, Xoximilco

See a lucha libre fight

Lucha Libre is a Mexican national sport. It’s a kind of free wrestling with masked participants. It is brutal! Although it is just a show made for the public to enjoy, it is totally worth seeing. Grab some friends and beers and head to Arena Mexico. You can buy tickets at the entrance for around $15, no tour needed.

lucha libre, arena mexico,
Lucha libre, Arena Mexico

Get a “limpia” next to the cathedral

When you pass next to the Cathedral in the city center you will immediately smell the aroma of smoked wood and spices. You will hear the constant ringing of little bells and singing. It’s the local shamans that are performing the cleansing rituals on those in need. It is supposed to protect you from “mal the ojo” – an evil eye, a course. Better to get it, you never know who you have met during your travels 😉

The shamans accept only tips, usually 20 pesos is alright.

Ritual de limpia, 5 unusual things to do in Mexico City

Visit Mercado de Sonora

By far the most creepy place I have visited in Mexico. Outside it seems like a normal market, selling loads of fantastically shaped pinatas and tons of candy, but when you enter, you are transported to a world of witchcraft, shamanism, curses, and natural healing.

When I took an Uber to go there, my driver asked me 3 times whether I was sure that this is the place where I want to go. It is considered quite dangerous, even for locals, so be extra careful and respectful with the business owners. Don’t stare too much and act like you know exactly where you are going. In the end, nothing happened, so it’s not that bad.

In the market you will start with some spices and healing mixtures. Then you can spot some shops with magical potions. You want to get rid of somebody? There is a potion for that. You want to curse a person? No probem. You need money? Wash yourself with that soap twice a day. Elixirs for love, happiness, good luck, calling clients, cleaning your house from evil spirits. Black cat powder, virgins blood, raven eye. Everything you need. Plus, life animals ranging from rats through black doves to live goats. Incredible.

Mercado de Sonora, 5 unusual things to do in Mexico City
Santa Muerte in Mercado de Sonora

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