What to do during a lockdown


We are all stranded somewhere, the borders are closed and we can’t travel. While it might be frustrating, it is also a great opportunity to finally get things done! Here’s what I recommend doing during the lockdown.

Start that business

Do you know how you are always saying that you have lots of ideas but no time to actually do something about it? Well, now you have all the time in the world. And if your business is not online, lay the grounds to have it ready for when the things settle. Because they will settle faster then we think. Read, research your competition, write a business plan. You can do it!

Learn a new skill

Did you know that platforms like Linkedin Learning and Coursera give away 30 days free trials? Plus, you will receive a proper certification once you complete the course. You can put it on your Linkedin profile, add it to your CV. What a great way to accelerate your career.

Plan your next trip

While sitting at home can be frustrating, planning a trip can be a lot of fun too! Think about your next destination and start the research. Read the blogs, follow Instagram accounts, order books, and guides. Open Maps and create your itinerary. I am obsessed with Africa right now and I found some awesome blogs from people that traveled from Egypt to Cape Town (how exciting!). If you need some inspiration, here are some awesome places that I recommend.


You know this book that you started but never finished, because you didn’t have time? Now you have to excuse.

Do home improvement works

While a lot of countries are easing the lockdown, the shops start to reopen again. It’s still not very safe to be cruising the streets, but a trip to a home improvement shop can guarantee you have things to do for a week. Something is broken? The wood of the balcony needs proofing? You have some land and you would like to create a vegetable garden? Or plant some spices on the window? Go for it.

Excel in bread making

You probably noticed a lot of people on social media showing off their beautiful loaves of homemade bread. I’m not going to lie, I got into it as well. It’s less work then you think, you just need to remember it. But since we are all stuck at home, it becomes less of a burden. And there is nothing like freshly baked sourdough bread with a bit of butter…mmm…

Here is a great recipe for a sourdough and bread (by Jamie Oliver).

sourdough bread

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