Rome – how to get around


Rome – how to get around. Without unnecessary introduction, here are some awesome ways to visit Rome (and feel like a local).

1. Rent a scooter

When in Rome, you will see that loads of the locals own scooters. The parking spaces are available everywhere and the one-way streets make it easy to navigate, even if you are not the best driver. Put on a helmet, hop on and feel like you are in an old Italian movie, driving through old streets of the eternal city.

Where to rent a scooter:

  • From your hotel/hostel
  • From one of the scooter stores around the city
  • Use e-cooltra – the electric scooter localized with an app. Very easy to use, pay per minute, the scooters are insured. Use this code for a 10€ discount: xrgkv

2. Rent a bicycle

The old town is easily accessible with a bike. The weather is nice most of the time in Rome, which makes the bicycle the perfect way to discover the city. Plus, it counts as your workout of the day. You will find bikes to rent all around the city, as well as in your hotel/hostel.

3. Walk

The old town is big, but once you are there, you can explore it on foot. This way, you are free, no need to worry about returning the bike or a scooter, so you can have a few drinks in the local cafes. Bring comfortable shoes, the cobblestone streets are not very comfortable for heels or even converse sneakers. If you are counting on walking the whole day, proper, comfortable shoes are needed.

4. Hop on & off bus

As it is in almost any big city, the Hop-On and Off Buses are available and stop near the main tourist attractions giving you the opportunity to explore the city without much planning nor preparation. Even though it’s not a “local” way, if you don’t have much time, this can be a good option.

5. Public Transport

Public transport in Rome is reliable. You have a lot of buses, trams and Metro lines to choose from. Download Google Maps or CityMapper to figure out the best way to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time. Check Rometoolkit for current information about the ticket prices.

6. Join a local Hangout

Couchsurfing app released a “Hangouts” option. Directly in the app, you can see who is available for a walk, drink, or whatever you would like to do. It also has an “Events” section, where locals propose to host activities for travelers like you and me. it’s a great way to meet locals, get some helpful advice, and discover the city!

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